How to apply

A place for potential cadets to submit their applications to 100-й КИАП. Think you got the 'stuff' to be a top Naval Aviator? Apply now!
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09. Lieutenant Colonel [Подполковник]
09. Lieutenant Colonel [Подполковник]
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How to apply

Postby Holimoli » 27 Jan 2018 05:38

If you want to become a member of the 100kiap Squadron, make a new application post and tell us the following of you.

What we want to know from you:

- Callsign
- Your name ( If you want to share it with us )
- Age
- Location
- Experience in flight sims
- Tell us something about yourself :)
- Why should we accept you

What we expect from you:

- High attendance in training and flights
- You should already have some experience in flying DCS-aircraft
- Working gaming setup. (TrackIR or similiar, Joystick/HOTAS)
- Good internet connection
- Motivation
- Dedication
- Humour :)

What we offer:

- An organized and structured squadron
- An open minded squadron leadership. We listen to everybody :)
- Dedicated IPs who will learn and guide you through the whole training process. You will basically learn aircraft operations from scratch!
- we have one of the best Su27 and Su33 pilots in the DCS community
- Regular trainings and participation as a squadron in DCS events.
- A very active community. We daily write on whatsapp,discord or hang out together on teamspeak.

One final note, please do only apply if you really have the dedication and motivation for it. We do spent a lot of time in keeping our training material up to date and teaching it to our cadets.

If you are unsure wether or not we are the right group for you, you can jump on our teamspeak or join our discord anytime and hang out or fly with us.

Here is our discord link:

Looking forward to hear from you.

10. Colonel [Полковник]
10. Colonel [Полковник]
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Re: How to apply

Postby Breakshot » 16 Feb 2018 22:55

Recruitment is currently: CLOSED
Tim "Breakshot" Mytrofanov #24, 100 KIAP Naval Regiment


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