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Post by Teknetinium » 19 Nov 2017 15:53

- Matches consist of 2 teams in a team deathmatch. (4vs4, 6vs6, 8vs8.)
- Matches will be a best of 3 format.
- Bullseye is centered between two airfields.
- Once you enter the bubble you must not exit until the opposing team has been neutralized.
- There will be an engagement bubble centered on bullseye which teams must control to win the engagement.
- Once you leave the bubble you cannot re-enter.
- At least one pilot from the winning team must return to base in order to the win the round.
- AWACS will be active and available for both teams. The AWACS for each team will be stationed outside of the engagement bubble and will be invincible.
- LotATAC will be available on the server for those that wish to use it. It is NOT a requirement. AI AWACS will still be available for those that choose to not use LotATC.
- Air frame selection is permanent during individual matches. Teams must choose a set line up for each match and stick with that format.
- You may not change the air frame line up between rounds of a match. Eg. choosing 4 F15, 2 Su27 cannot be altered until the next match.
- All aircraft are permitted for use in this league.
- A ping limit of 350 will be strictly enforced.
- All matches will be taking place on the Splash One Gaming server based in Seattle, Washington.
- If a team fails to appear at a designated match a penalty will be issued; -3 points and walkover/forfeit.

- Weapons restrictens: AIM-120B, max 4 per aircraft
- Weapons banned: AIM-120C
- Breaking payload rule under or after the match leads to automatic loss, (-3 points) for the team breaking the rule.

- Up-to 5 mission locations will be available with random weather.
- Missions will be similar to the one used in SATAC 2017, but with varying locations.
- Mission and weather will be randomly selected immediately before each match.
- Mission and weather chosen will be used for each round of that match.

Note: Tournament rules are subject to change
Andrej"Teknetinium" Reve, #11 of the 51st PVO Regiment.
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